Tranquil Surroundings Inc. is an innovative Landscape Consultation, Design, and Construction company founded on strong client relationships and value-oriented quality service. Our completely custom, client based services offer a proactive approach to assuring customer satisfaction. Because of the commitment to our client’s needs, on all levels, our unique work allows us to tailor landscape solutions to meet and exceed expectations on all budgets.

The company’s founder began installing landscapes over eight years ago and has since installed over $3million worth of landscapes. However, in a science based field such as horticulture, botany, and engineering of hardscapes, years in business and experience do not make an expert. Formal education and certification is a requirement in the professional landscape industry. After six years of college, student awards, and association awards - education married experience and cultivated a client based company - Tranquil Surroundings Inc.

Because of the founder’s relationship with one of the country’s most extensive collegiate Horticulture Departments, open lines of communication have continued to update and keep our employees on the cutting edge of industry issues. Ongoing training and educational advances allow our team members to produce exceptional quality results backed by guarantees which meet and exceed industry standards.

Tranquil Surroundings not only takes your vision and enhances the aesthetics of your property in the short-term, but provides a solution with the long-term life and economic value of the property in mind. Our installation team ensures a seamless transition from design to final installation, building an investment that will grow over time.

The property is not only a piece of land, it is a real estate investment with outstanding growth potential. When choosing to invest in Tranquil Surroundings you will receive: innovative designs, value added enhancements that highlight your property’s strengths, and a unique experience that centers on your best interests, not ours. We are not tied to any one supplier or set quantities of materials, which allow our work to be truly customized - void of ‘cookie cutter’ ideas or themes.

All landscapes are not created equal. The construction process is the sole factor for varying landscape costs throughout the industry. The construction process is what sets apart cheap work from a valuable investment. Although on the surface, the work may appear the same, the difference between cheap and valuable (short-term and long-term quality) is under the surface - in the procedure. The commitment to, and pride in, our work will not allow us to jeopardize the quality of our workmanship. This is why we stand behind our work with added guarantees.

Years of efficient and reliable service have prompted our clients to reward our commitment to customer satisfaction with loyalty and many referrals. We eagerly wait to hear your visions of your property and include you in our list of satisfied clients.

We respect the privacy of our clients and do not provide contact information unless otherwise agreed upon. If you are considering our landscape services and would like to speak with our previous clients, contact us today to schedule a consultation and we will provide the necessary reference information.


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